How Radiesse Works

Radiesse initially acts as a dermal filler, adding volume beneath the skin, on top of the bone. After about 3 months, the microspheres in Radiesse act as a framework for new collagen as its production increases. It is long lasting and does not require a skin test because it is made from the same mineral component found in our bones and teeth.

By supplementing your own skin’s depleted collagen, Radiesse is a safe, effective, time-tested, non-surgical wrinkle treatment that provides immediate results.

Treatment Areas

Our patients choose this treatment for a variety of reasons, including improving:

Volume deficits in the

  • Mid-face
  • Cheeks
  • Lower face
  • Jawline

Used in a modified liquified state to treat areas like

  • Cellulite in legs
  • Volume deficit in the butt
  • Décolleté
  • Necks (Tech Neck)

Other versatilities such as:

  • Depressed scars
  • Marionette lines (oral commissures)
radiesse injectables

What to Expect

Our patients appreciate Radiesse treatments because they are performed right in our office and can take only about 15 minutes. First, we apply a little local anesthetic to the targeted areas. The product is then injected into the wrinkle through a tiny needle, and placed down to the bone.

Patients are up and around immediately after receiving this treatment. Any discomfort following the procedure can be treated with over-the-counter medication. The treatment site can have slight swelling and bruising. Results with Radiesse are immediate, so you can determine right away if you are happy with the results or if you would like some adjustments. Depending on the area treated, most of your improvements may last for several months or even years. Some touch-up treatments may be necessary.

Radiesse can be used alone or in conjunction with other skin rejuvenation treatments.

To learn more about this treatment and our offering of minimally invasive skin rejuvenation options, call our office at 813.353.0023 and arrange your private skin consultation today.

Dermal Filler Aesthetic Menu

Additional syringes may be required to achieve desired result and can be discussed with your aesthetic expert at your next appointment. Choice of dermal filler is at the provider’s discretion.

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Cheekbone Contouring

As we lose volume from aging, volumizing the cheeks with fillers can restore your look and help diminish the appearance of nasolabial folds (laugh lines).

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Chin Augmentation

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Jawline Definition

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Under Eye Treatments

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Nasolabial Folds (Smile Lines)

Filler is used to soften the appearance of these lines; Often, cheek (midface) filler is needed to help lift and take weight off the folds.

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Hand Rejuvenation

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Lower Face (Under/Around Mouth)

Lift the corners of your mouth- sometimes, filler is also recommended, depending on the severity.

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Temple Restoration

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