Experience the Best Botox Treatment for Age-Defying Beauty at Forever Young

A Botox treatment can be a great way to erase wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes. Amongst non-surgical cosmetic procedures, Botulinum Toxin use in facial aesthetics has expanded from the upper face to the mid face, lower face, and neck. Neurotoxin injections are the most common cosmetic procedure worldwide. The procedure takes just a few minutes at our office in the heart of South Tampa. Once the treatment is over, patients can return to work or their usual routine right away as no downtime is needed (unless it’s yoga, a massage, or a heavy workout…then push that back a few hours). Call us at (813) 353-0023 for a complimentary consultation or schedule your appointment online, and enjoy the benefits of Botox.

How Your Botox Treatment Works

Botox is a special drug primarily used for cosmetic treatments to your face and other areas. The drug is made up of bacteria related to botulism, but is completely safe for skin rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction. As a result, Botox continues to be one of the most popular nonsurgical treatments among both doctors and patients because of its dependable results for treating fine lines, excessive sweating, and even migraines.

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Botox Benefits

Botox can be used in facial wrinkles and is most often used in the following areas:

  • Horizontal forehead wrinkles: Above the eyebrow lines that stretch across the forehead
  • Eye wrinkles: The “crow’s feet” that gather at the corners of the eyes when smiling or laughing
  • Eyebrow lift: Lifting hooded eyes caused by aging
    “11s” or frown lines:: Two vertical lines between your brows
  • Bunny lines: Top of the nose where wrinkles may appear when sniffing something
  • Lipstick lines: Turning the corners of the mouth up and improving smile
  • Sweat prevention: In the armpit areas or feet
  • Jaw: Facial slimming and/or TMJ
  • Chin: Reducing dimpled, puckered appearance
  • Neck: Horizontal and vertical bands

The professionals at Forever Young Aesthetics take every care explaining how Botox injections provide you with quick and painless treatments.

Botox Benefits

Every Botox treatment is completely dependent upon the individual and their unique skin. All toxin procedures are administered in units (Dysport is 3:1). Each area requires a certain amount to properly freeze the muscles being treated. Whether your wrinkles and lines are just starting to emerge, are quite minor, or deeply ingrained, Botox can help.

How Long Does It Last

Most treatments last for three to four months in most patients. To maximize the lifespan of Botox, avoid sun exposure and use a high quality medical-grade skincare line like Alastin or SkinMedica. These products are available for purchase in our office or online, delivered right to your doorstep.

With Other Procedures

Botox combines quite well with other noninvasive cosmetic treatments and procedures. In fact, many Forever Young patients combine dermal filler treatments like the Juvederm family or Restylane family with their toxin treatments. Likewise, toxin procedures are also frequently combined with facials or treatments like Virtue RF Microneedling. However, “tox” is great at erasing wrinkles, but it doesn’t do anything to change the texture, the tone, or the overall luminosity of the skin. Fortunately, many of the state-of-the-art treatments at Forever Young Aesthetics can do exactly that.

Botulinum Toxin Aesthetic Menu

*See Botox units for Jeuveau and Xeomin

Forehead Lines

To achieve a balanced and natural result, we recommend treating the horizontal forehead and frown lines together.

Dysport 36-60 | Botox 12-20

Frown Lines

The pesky “11’s”, usually visible when furrowing your brow.

Dysport 30-75 | Botox 10-25

Liquid Brow Lift

A quick solution for tired eyes- helps lift the lateral brow, making you look more youthful and awake.

Dysport 12-30 | Botox 4-10

Jelly Rolls

Treating this area helps soften the fine lines or fat pad (aka jelly roll) that forms under the eye when smiling.

Dysport 10-12 | Botox 4-6

Bunny Lines

Bunny lines are a nickname for the wrinkles created when scrunching your nose.

Dysport 10-12 | Botox 4-10

Crow’s Feet

Treat the lines that fan outwards from the corner of your eyes.

Dysport 30-60 | Botox 12-24

Lip Flip

Flip your upper lip for a fuller look.


Dimpled Chin

The dimpled “orange peel” look on the chin can be treated to smooth and relax the skin in this area.

Dysport 15-20 | Botox 6-8

Downward Turned Smile

Lift the corners of your mouth- sometimes, filler is also recommended, depending on the severity.

Dysport 12-24 | Botox 4-8

Grinding & Facial Slimming

Improve TMJ symptoms and slim your face.

Dysport 60-120 | Botox 20-40

Platysmal Neck Bands

Smoothes the vertical cords that run down your neck.

Dysport 36-72 | Botox 12-24

Excess Sweating

FDA-approved to help with excessive perspiration in the underarm area.

Dysport 150-300 | Botox 50-100 per underarm

Gummy Smile

Feel more confident and show less gums when you smile.


Nasal Tip Lift

AKA the “Tinkerbell” treatment- This treatment does just that… lifts the tip of the nose.